Winegrowers NZ / June 2005 - June 2006

Conducting a strategic review of the SWNZ program, conducting a perception survey of members and wider industry and community stakeholders reviewing key winery and vineyard members, conducting an independent environmental risk assessment of winery and vineyard stakeholders, conducting a systems
review and compliance gap analysis compared with international standards (ISO14001, AS4801, Eurepgap etc), summarising best practice and key learning’s in detailed technical and creative cartoon format, developing key recommendations and next steps.
对SWNZ项目进行战略性检查, 对成员及广大工业及社区的利益相关部门进行认知调查, 对利益相关的葡萄园和葡萄酒庄进行独立的环境风险评估, 针对国际标准( ISO14001, AS4801, Eurepgap 等) 进行体系检查和合规分析比较, 总结最佳操作, 并将核心要点做成详细的具有技术性的创新卡通格式, 提出重要建议和下一步工作。

Recent Work